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Please contact Howard PTO Treasurer, Katie Loftin, with any questions you might have. 


To submit an online reimbursement, please visit our 


 Howard PTO Checklist Form


Howard PTO Deposit Form


Tax Exemption Certification


Printable Reimbursement Form

(will require submission in person to the PTO Box at Howard)







How to Deposit Collected Funds:


1) Check Listing Form: Submit with all check deposits; each check must be listed separately by name, number, & amount. Place the checks & form in a sealed envelope.


2) Deposit Form: Submit with all cash deposits, specific cash amounts must be listed & cash placed in a sealed envelope.



How to Submit for Reimbursement of Funds Spent:


3) Reimbursement Form: Submit this form along with the sales receipt or invoice within 30 days of expense. *Receipt or invoice must be provided before I can make a reimbursement.* If you have a large invoice for a standard Howard project (such as T-Shirts, Totes, etc...) I can pay the vendor directly instead of you paying and being reimbursed.


4) Texas Sales Tax Exemption Certificate: We are a 501c3 organization and do not have to pay sales tax! Present this form to retailers for purchases made for Howard PTO & we will not be charged sales tax. Sales tax is not reimbursable so make sure you have this form with you!


Where to Submit Forms, Funds, &/or Receipts/Invoices:


- PTO Treasurer Mailbox in the Howard office. *Cash deposits need to go to Kim, Howard Secretary, for security purposes.*



- Reimbursement Forms & Sales Receipts/Invoices can be emailed to Katie Loftin at or




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