Curriculum Enrichment Grants & Allocations



Each year, the Howard PTO raises funds through events and donations. A large percentage of these fundraising efforts are given back to the school, the teachers, and the staff in the form of Curriculum Enrichment Grants & Allocations. These grants are an important part of maintaining Howard's standards of excellence in education. 

For the 2021-2022 school year, the Howard PTO Curriculum Enrichment Grants totaled over $60,000 and funded the following:

  • Musical Outdoor Learning Community - to be installed Fall 2022
  • Sending all teachers to the Reading Academy
  • New sound system
  • New equipment for the workroom
  • Teacher Professional Development and Conferences
  • Abundance of Classroom Supplies for Every Howard Classroom and Teacher
  • Engaging subscriptions and renewals for teaching aids such as Raz Kids, Epic and Bookflix
  • Classroom transformations for all Kinder and Pre-K classrooms as well as new area rugs in the activity rooms for each team
  • New fieldtrip bandanas
  • Miss Anastasia's guest reader visit
  • Supplies for Nurse Kathy
  • New outdoor picnic tables and playground equipment
  • New iPads for Special Education
  • Sensory Play Materials

A huge thank you to our donors and our volunteers for making these gifts to the school possible!


Please consider donating to help the Howard students and community!




We are so thankful to our sponsors for their support of Howard Early Childhood Learning Center!      


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