While attending classes at Howard, students have the opportunity to get breakfast and lunch, but what happens when school’s out and there’s no food at home?


The Howard Snack Pak 4 Kids (SP4K) program aims to help end weekend hunger for food-insecure students by providing a backpack filled with nutritional snacks each Friday of the school year.  The bags are delivered to the teachers each week and are then put into the students’ backpacks (for those students who are enrolled in the SP4K program).  The Howard PTO helps fund this program and every year we ask for volunteers to help put our plan into action.


In 2017 this delivery process was reorganized so that 5 teams of Howard parent volunteers and PTO members are assigned to different weeks of the month for delivery (for example: Team 1 handles the first Friday of every month during the school year, etc.).  Every Friday morning SP4K volunteers help us to discreetly deliver the yellow cloth bags filled with Snack Paks to designated teachers from 8am – 9am.  After delivering, that week’s team will return to the storeroom to pack up for next week’s delivery.  Even if only one person is present, the whole process only takes about 1 hr.  If more people present and helping out, the process is even faster.


If you’d be interested in joining our team or have any questions please contact Katherine Gainey. 


Thank you for being an advocate for our students in need of nutrition during the weekends and school holidays!

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